Mapping out grants strategy

State Government grants
Grow Your Business – helping small businesses develop and implement strategies to become internationally competitive. A range of planning and management services are offered.
Group Programs – up to $15,000 in funding to run group workshops focusing on business development.
Small Business Mentoring Program – whether you’re new to running a business or a seasoned business owner, a mentor can help you refine your business strategy, map out the direction that your business should be taking and assist in setting goals for your business to succeed.
Small Business SuccessMap – supports business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability through review, coaching and business planning.
Business Development Plan and Business Strategic Review – funded assistance to help you strategically identify, plan and meet your business goals.
Business Development Plan – mentoring assistance up to $7500 to engage a mentor to help implement a strategic business plan. Mentoring aims to provide experienced strategic advice to a board and/or CEO.
Study Melbourne Internship Program – get a global perspective for your business with an international student intern.
Small Business Bus – free business advice from an experienced mentor.
Access Program – assistance for Victorian businesses planning to establish new export markets in key countries and regions.
Business in Transition Support – get real help through redundancy and retrenchment.
Network Programs – assistance up to $15,000 to establish networks for small and medium businesses to share experiences and create opportunities.
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