Healthy nosh with soul

Through her business Soul Sister Nosh, Caroline Towers is promoting delicious healthy treats to 'help keep snacking on the right side of healthy.' 174531. Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS.

By Rebecca Skilton

Narre Warren’s own Soul Sister Nosh is aiming to help the world get on the right side of healthy.
Led by business owner and entrepreneur Caroline Towers, the organic healthy treat company is making waves in the realm of snacking with their 100 per cent organic raw balls.
Handmade in-house, the company’s raw balls are made with organic ingredients, are gluten free, dairy free, soy free plus vegan and paleo friendly; with each product using a unique combination of 100 per cent plant based pure grade essential oils to create a variety of exciting flavours.
And as Caroline explained, by creating a product that tastes “just as naughty and delicious as unhealthier snacks but has nutritional benefits“, Soul Sister Nosh encourages customers to switch to a healthier lifestyle by “moving away from the cookie jar.”
“Soul Sister Nosh is all about wanting people to snack healthy and making it really easy for them to do it,” Caroline said.
“Because everyone is time poor and it becomes one of the most common things in life when you think to yourself; ‘oh I haven’t eaten, what can I grab on the run?’ And that’s where Soul Sister Nosh comes in.”
Currently stocking eight different flavours including Cacao and Raspberry, Cacao and Crunchy Nut, Cacao and Orange, Cacao and Peppermint, Lime and Coconut, Simply Lemon and a limited edition Christmas Nosh, Soul Sister Nosh products come pre-rolled in both standard sized packs and mini snack packs for customer convenience.
And it’s this willingness and desire to fulfil the needs of customers that Caroline believes has helped to shape the Soul Sister Nosh product.
“You can’t just produce something because you want to do it,” Caroline said.
“You have to find out what your customers want, what they’re lacking or what they need. And all this food is very trendy right now since people are starting to think a lot more about healthy. They’re looking for alternative foods, so the business already had that going for it, but it was also the fact that everyone’s busy and wants to save time and that’s what we’re all about – we get that. So I guess knowing that helped us develop the business and the product to what it is now – already rolled, snack pack sized so people can put them in their bags and really yummy.”
In an industry littered with different health products, early on in her business endeavour, Caroline realised that Soul Sister Nosh needed to adopt a personality that made the brand stand out from the rest.
Having had experience in both the corporate and IT industries, as well as having run another award-winning home business, Caroline conducted market testing in regards to colour psychology for packaging and preformed alternative brand name testing before settling on the fittingly quirky name of Soul Sister Nosh. (Nosh of course being a colloquial word mostly used in the U.K meaning ‘to snack on, to eat lightly or to grab a quick bite.’)
Now, Soul Sister Nosh can produce up to 350 balls in a day and are quickly beginning to appear in a number of local cafes and stores.
“Soul Sister Nosh has a feel to it – there’s a bit of humour to (our products and marketing) and we hope that carries through to what we do,” Caroline said. “Because there’s a lot of business out there doing what we do so you have to find something that makes you a little bit different.”

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