Family values win out

Rob and Ben Nobelius and their Pakeham based team.

The family-orientated culture of Nobelius Land Surveyors impressed the judges of this year’s Casey Cardinia Business Awards.

Nobelius Land Surveyors was founded in 1996 by Rob and Chris Nobelius and is now in its second generation of ownership/management with the founders’ son, Ben Nobelius, taking over in 2013.

“We have made a name for ourselves primarily in small scale unit subdivisions,“ Ben explained.

“Our skill set and clientele have recently grown and our involvement in large scale greenfields developments is steadily increasing to become the largest single office cadastral survey company in Victoria.

“We have built a strong family orientated culture within our team that we are very proud of.“

The judge noted Nobelius Land Surveyors’ achievements and developments over the last five years noting the firm has “great goals for the next 5 years that the team and community will benefit from“.

The judge was impressed with the firm’s “great focus on staff and professional development“.

“There are innovative practices employed across a number of areas within the business and it’s great to see that some of these have been driven by the employees themselves.

“(Nobelius is) well-positioned within the area and within the industry to facilitate collaboration with other businesses and has shown impressive growth in a relatively short amount of time.

“It is great to see innovation be a fundamental component of the business. I loved how family-oriented the business is and the flexibility offered for workspaces. The link to staff morale is very clear. The commitment to the community and variety of charities engaged was remarkable. Such a great contribution from a business that operates on a much smaller scale than others.“